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The Impact of Monumental Installation: Transforming Public Spaces

monumental installation tryzub
Monumental Installation "Coat of Arms of Ukraine" in Kyiv, by DION ART

Monumental installation encompasses a range of grand art forms, such as sculptures and installations, that aim to significantly impact public spaces and communities. These artistic creations have the power to reshape the environment by blending elements with sculpture, offering immersive and thought-provoking experiences. As landmarks, monumental installations allow artists to communicate themes, historical stories, and ideological messages that captivate viewers on various levels. Creating intricate art installations requires more than artistic skills; it also calls for a profound understanding of the themes involved, turning them into symbols of success, resilience, and shared belonging.

Monumental Installation "Coat of Arms of Ukraine": A Tribute to National Pride and History

monumental installation trident
Night view of "Coat of Arms of Ukraine" Installation in Kyiv, by DION ART

Dion Art unveils a masterpiece that soars into the skyline: the "Coat of Arms of Ukraine," a monumental installation that is a tribute to the country's rich history and the sprawling beauty of its landscapes. More than a mere sculpture, this creation narrates the story of Ukraine, embedding itself in the essence of every city it adorns.

Rising to a majestic 10 meters and extending 6 meters wide, this distinguished piece of art represents the zenith of creative brilliance and commitment. Fashioned from stainless steel, it shines brightly with a layer of radiant gold paint and is finished with lacquer to preserve its everlasting charm.

huge installation trident
Developed over the span of five months, the "Coat of Arms of Ukraine" emerges as an emblem of national pride and a landmark of cultural identity, inviting onlookers to ponder the essence of Ukraine.

Initially unveiled in Kyiv, this symbolic guardian is poised to grace your city, planting the seeds of national pride within the local panorama. Every piece will be uniquely marked with the name of the city it resides in, creating a nationwide mosaic of unity and distinctiveness.


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