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Coachella’s Large-Scale Installations of 2024: Art in the Desert

Beyond its acts, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is also known for its stunning large-scale installations that transform entirely the festival grounds into a mesmerizing artistic wonderland. This year, three remarkable installations captured the attention of festival attendees: "Monarchs: A House in Six Parts" by Hannah, "Babylon" by Nebbia, and "Dancing in the Sky" by Morag Myerscough. These art pieces, carefully selected by the Public Art Company in partnership with Coachella's art director, Paul Clemente, underscored the festival's dedication to crafting captivating environments that seamlessly blend art and architecture.

"Monarchs: A House in Six Parts" by Hannah

Monarchs: A House in Six Parts for Coachella, © James Florio

The creation of "Monarchs: A House in Six Parts," brought to life by Cornell University professors Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic from design duo Hannah, showcases an exploration of 3D printing and digital manufacturing. Comprising six towering structures standing between 35 and 71 feet tall, these installations are constructed using plywood strips mounted on bases made of 3D-printed concrete. Adorned with gradients of orange hues and illuminated with lights after dark, these structures are spaced approximately 100 feet apart.

Attendees can wander beneath and into these soaring towers, immersing themselves in a fusion of digital manufacturing techniques and traditional craftsmanship. This installation showcases how modern architectural design can craft engaging and striking spaces that captivate festival attendees with their intricate structures.

"Babylon" by Nebbia

"Babylon" by Nebbia,

Nebbia, an architecture firm based in London run by Brando Posocco and Madhav Kidao, unveiled "Babylon," a monolithic and geometric installation with transcendence-inspired themes. This large-scale installation sits on an 18-by-18-meter footprint and rises to a height of 60 feet. Visitors can enter its center, passing through semi-circle and geometric shapes that create a bumpy texture using plant-based acoustic and thermal insulation.

"Babylon" offers a meditative space within its towering structure, inviting festival-goers to reflect and escape the desert heat. The installation's futuristic design elements juxtaposed with ancient architectural forms created a visual and emotional sanctuary, making it a favorite spot for those seeking peace amid the festival's energy.

"Dancing in the Sky" by Morag Myerscough

"Dancing in the Sky" by Morag Myerscough,

British artist Morag Myerscough's "Dancing in the Sky" is a colorful, kinetic settlement that spans 125 by 125 feet. The installation comprises boldly patterned towers topped with wind-moving elements, creating a dynamic interplay between art and nature. This vibrant plaza draws the eye upwards to the beauty of the desert sky, emphasizing the natural surroundings while providing a welcoming space for festival-goers to explore.

"Dancing in the Sky" transforms the outdoor areas of Coachella into a lively, engaging environment. The large-scale kinetic elements and geometric patterns invite visitors to become part of the art, enhancing their overall festival experience. The installation's whimsical design and interactive spaces created a joyful atmosphere, encouraging playful interaction and exploration.

Impact on Festival-Goers

These large-scale installations at Coachella go beyond mere visual spectacle; they create interactive environments that encourage visitors to engage deeply with the art. By integrating innovative design and contemporary artistic expressions, these artworks transform the festival grounds into a canvas of creativity. 

Dion Art: Masterpieces in Large-Scale Art Installations

large scale art installations
Kolos - Large Scale Art Installation, by Dion Art

At Dion Art, we focus on creating large-scale art installations for public spaces and outdoor areas. Our design studio and dedicated design team work tirelessly to bring to life huge artworks that captivate the eye and embody the essence of their surroundings.  One of our projects is the "Kolos" installation dedicated to FC Kolos, which perfectly showcases our expertise in art installation production.

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and completed in 2021, "Kolos" is a commercial large-scale art installation designed to celebrate FC Kolos's spirit and identity. Dion Art was commissioned to enhance the vicinity of the football stadium with a large and visually striking artwork that would serve as a centerpiece and a symbol of the club's enduring values.

The installation features a brass sheaf of wheat gracefully embracing a football, standing at 4.5 meters tall. This majestic installation not only dominates the space but also embodies the vitality and spirit of FC Kolos. The wheat sheaf, crafted with meticulous detail by our skilled artists, symbolizes growth, prosperity, and community - values that resonate deeply with the club's ethos.

Surrounding Sculptures

large scale installations

In addition to the central sculpture, "Kolos" includes six auxiliary sculptures made from stainless steel, each standing 5 feet in height and width. These sculptures are finished with deep golden automotive paint and a high-gloss varnish, creating a cohesive and elegant group that enriches the fountain area around the stadium. These pieces, meticulously shaped by our design team, demonstrate our ability to blend artistic excellence with the fervor of sports, creating a harmonious and impactful outdoor space.

Art Installation Products and Production

The creation of "Kolos" was a comprehensive process that spanned five months. From the initial concept to the final touches, our team ensured that the large-scale installation met the highest standards of quality and artistry.

Goals and Impact

The primary goal of this project was to enhance the stadium's vicinity with branded art installations that visually celebrate the club's identity and spirit. "Kolos" serves as a focal point for fans and visitors, providing a contemporary and inspiring environment that reflects the pride and passion of FC Kolos. 

At Dion Art, we believe in the transformative power of large-scale art installations. Our projects showcase how large-scale art installations can elevate public spaces, creating visually stunning and meaningful environments that leave a lasting impact.


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