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Art Installation Studio: The Artistic Symphony of Dion Art

Poligon 55 Art Installation
Poligon 55 - Branded Art Installation in Сleveland, OH, United States. Crafted by DION Art

DION is an art installation studio at the vanguard of combining art with engineering, pioneers in sculpting water and motion into breathtaking fountains, installations, and kinetic sculptures. Since its inception in 2008, DION has seamlessly merged art and engineering to innovate structures that redefine public and private spaces. Our studio transcends traditional architectural limits through a symbiosis of art and technology, crafting public artwork that pulsates with life and innovation.

At DION, we believe in the storytelling power of every droplet and movement, specializing in the art of the impossible. From the first spark of imagination to the final interactive art installation, our creations encapsulate the rhythm of cities and the boundless realm of imagination. Our installations are more than mere art pieces; they are kinetic dialogues with the viewer, embodying the intersection of digital and physical realms, enriched by the latest interaction design.

Beyond the creation of art installations, DION distinguishes itself by crafting personalized kinetic sculptures and installations that resonate with the individuality of each concept. Rejecting the notion of mass production, our art studio is a center for bespoke and unique artworks, ensuring every piece reflects the distinctive vision it was born from. DION is not just a place but a brand synonymous with the fusion of kinetic artwork, design, and technological prowess, marking its presence as a beacon of innovation and artistic interaction in the urban landscape.

Sculpting the Essence of Time and Nature: The Visionary Installations of DION Art Studio

Through our distinctive installations, "Poligon 55," Big Ben, and Magnolia – we invite onlookers into immersive experiences that transcend ordinary perceptions of space and time.


Poligon 55 Art Installation
Poligon 55 - Art Installation is located in Сleveland, OH, United States. Crafted for K&D Group by DION Art
  • "Poligon 55," a masterpiece forged by DION, embodies the spirit of the 55 SQUARE brand. Forged from steel and embellished with vivid hues, it shines brightly as a symbol of innovation and artistry. The striking RGB illumination of "Poligon 55" casts a dance of light. The shadow around it captivates and enchants all who behold it. This artistic creation is more than a sculpture; it is a significant landmark, transforming its surroundings into a spellbinding visual feast.

Big Ben Art Installation
Big Ben - Art Installation is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Crafted by DION Art
  • Our reinterpretation of the iconic Big Ben merges the timeless with the contemporary. This avant-garde sculpture, standing at 13 meters, is meticulously crafted from stainless steel and finished with automotive paint to echo the original tower's elegance. A spiral staircase invites visitors to ascend, offering breathtaking views and a physical connection to the artwork. This installation celebrates the enduring allure of historical landmarks while inviting reflection on the passage of time.

Magnolia tree Art Installation
Magnolia tree - Art Installation is located in Сleveland, OH, United States. Crafted by DION Art
  • The Magnolia installation, a 12-foot-tall metal sculpture, showcases our craftsmanship. Adorned with 160 handcrafted glass flowers, this artwork captures the eternal beauty of spring. The protective varnish ensures its lasting splendor, making the Magnolia a symbol of resilience and renewal. It stands not just as an art piece but as a testament to the studio's ability to craft products that embody nature's and artistry's essence.

DION Art Studio, through these installations, reinforces its position as a pioneer in the art installation arena, crafting pieces that are more than just sculptures—they are experiences that resonate with beauty, innovation, and the human spirit.


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