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Infinite Polygon Ballet

Dion Art showcases the "Infinite Polygon Ballet," a pioneering kinetic light installation that encapsulates our expertise in integrating sophisticated technology with artistic vision. Spanning an expansive area of 14' x 10', this kinetic installation is composed of 92 expertly engineered 3D metal polygons. Each unit, equipped with a motor and a centrally positioned LED light, operates in unison to craft a mesmerizing aerial ballet.

Our team's skill in laser-cutting techniques is evident in each polygon, where ornate patterns are intricately designed to enhance the interplay of light and shadow. The installation's ability to morph into various dynamic shapes is powered by advanced software coding, highlighting our commitment to innovation in kinetic art.

With "Infinite Polygon Ballet," Dion Art transforms any space into a vivid tableau of light and motion and demonstrates our leading-edge capabilities in creating installations that are both visually stunning and technically complex. This kinetic installation invites onlookers to engage with art in a fresh and mesmerizing way, showcasing our mastery in crafting experiences that blend artistry with the precision of modern technology.

Kinetic Installation Project

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