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Polygon 55 Art Installation

Dion Art proudly unveils "Polygon 55," an innovative light art installation that merges durable materials with dynamic lighting to create a visually striking art piece. This outdoor installation art, standing 7 foot-tall, is crafted from robust stainless steel and features the vibrant colors of the 55 SQUARE brand.
Embedded within the sculpture is a powerful RGB light that transforms it into a radiant beacon by night. This light installation art highlights the sculpture's intricate design and enhances the surrounding space with a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. This experiential art installation provides an immersive experience that is reflective of Dion Art's commitment to exceptional art installation design.
Strategically placed at the entrance of a building, "Polygon 55" is designed to catch the eye of passersby and drivers, significantly enhancing the building's visual appeal and drawing more attention to the location. This installation art sculpture was developed within a three-month period, showcasing Dion Art's ability to deliver captivating and purposeful art installation projects efficiently.

Art Installation Project

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