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Magnolia Art Installation

Dion Art presents "Magnolia," a striking art installation that exemplifies our innovative approach to art installation design. Standing 12 foot-tall, this installation art sculpture features a metal Magnolia tree, masterfully sculpted and finished with a durable multi-layer varnish to ensure its enduring allure.
The tree is beautifully adorned with 160 handcrafted glass flowers, each representing the pinnacle of glass art installation craftsmanship by our skilled artisans. These delicate blooms are designed to capture the essence of spring, offering a timeless blossom that enhances any indoor setting.
Developed over a six-month period, "Magnolia" was specifically designed to elevate halls and lounge areas. It serves as a testament to our dedication to creating unique and visually captivating installation art projects that seamlessly blend artistic elegance with environmental harmony. This tree art installation not only enhances the aesthetic of a space but also transforms it into a perpetual springtime haven.

Art Installation Project

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