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Agua Cascata Interior Fountain

At Dion Art, we are proud to unveil "Agua Cascata," a masterpiece in the realm of indoor wall water fountains designed to transform any entryway into a mesmerizing waterfall wall. Constructed on a robust metal framework, this expansive installation measures approximately 23' x 10' and features an additional artistic glass panel measuring 3.3' x 8.2'. Each segment is precisely 1.6' x 1.6'. Our adept use of high-quality materials is evident in the fountain's intricate design, which includes lifelike artificial plants that enhance its natural allure.

Our expertise in fluid dynamics is showcased through the fountain's ability to emulate the tranquil flow of a natural waterfall, with water gracefully cascading from multiple spouts into a reservoir below. Equipped with a trio of high-powered pumps, "Agua Cascata" ensures continuous water circulation, creating a perpetual cascade that captivates and soothes all who observe it.

This interior wall fountain is a testament to Dion Art's commitment to combining diverse materials - glass, natural stones, and greenery - with advanced engineering to craft a dynamic and multifaceted aesthetic experience. It epitomizes our capability to create functional art that harmonizes the serenity of nature with cutting-edge craftsmanship, offering a tranquil oasis that elevates the ambiance of any indoor space.

Water Feature Project

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